Cluster Evaluation / Review of UNDP supported Projects in China

The Agenda 21 Project in Beijing Municipal Government, supported by UNDP and the two Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) projects in Shenyang and Wuhan cities have been in operation for the last three years. According to the Project Documents the necessity arose to evaluate the three projects to determine the overall relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and future sustainability of the project outputs. The projects address issues of urban environmental concern as observed in the demonstration projects with special attention to upgrade infrastructure development and poverty alleviation through Urban Local Government interventions. Although the two projects are Agenda 21 based the Beijing Project is more people oriented and close to the needs identified in the Project Document. The two SCP projects are more flexible in the approach and clearly demonstrate participatory approaches in urban environment management, such as solid waste management, storm water drainage control, oil and liquid waste management, re-forestation of reservoir catchment area, etc. The management functions of all projects have thrown light to meet the challenges of better capacity building to address similar urban environmental issues, permitting experiences of replication in other similar situations

Project details

  • Name of client United Nations Commission on Human Settlements & United Nations Development Programme
  • Location Beijing, Shenyang and Wuhan
  • Country China
  • Start date 2 October 1999
  • Completion date 23 October 1999
  • Origin of funding United Nations Development Programme
  • Name of partners

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