Planning, Evaluation and Social Safeguard Studies

The need to understand impact of development interventions on affected people including vulnerable communities is today an integrated element in project services. Leading from this requirement scoping studies to obtain information on prevailing conditions is recognized as a corner stone in planning effective interventions for development. In this regard RDC has been associated with carrying out surveys and assessments in support of diverse projects ensuring reinforcement of social safeguards.

The studies can be in connection to new infrastructure, technology, institutional upgrading and capacity enhancement, disaster response, inter alia. These efforts support national, local governments and funding agencies better formulate interventions and stream line project operations. Associated with these efforts RDC has a rich depth of experience in design of programs and ensuring effective implementation.

In recent times the demand for improved quality of services by communities throughout Asia has brought pressure on governing and planning bodies to carry out need based and demand driven development plans. Therefore Surveys, Need Assessment, Stakeholder consultation approaches, tools and procedure are key strategies in this regard.

Through this portfolio of experience RDC is able to provide good integration of local needs and development planning to meet wider local, regional and national goals.

  • Baseline and sample surveys
  • Participatory project design approaches
  • Stakeholder workshops to identify and analyze issues
  • Stakeholder mobilization around key objectives
  • Cluster identification and market need analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation for system maintenance
  • Project impact evaluation supporting future intervention
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